Reliable Upgrade to 200 amp service in Toronto

Is your circuit breaker tripping frequently or do you get flickering lights? If you are facing such issues, chances are your panel needs an upgrade. Most older homes have 60 amp or 100 amp panel which isn’t enough to run modern day appliances with high electrical needs. Gone are the days when 100 amp service was enough for homeowners. Upgrading of power supply is often required. Upgrade to 200 amp service using the services of Alkon Electric to operate high power-consuming devices with ease.

Upgrading your electrical service and panel might demand the services of experts. And, finding a reliable & certified Toronto electrician who offers quality work at a reasonable price is not easy. Alkon Electric expert team is efficient enough to provide you with 200 amp panel upgrade service with ease.

Upgrade to 200 Amp Service

How do you figure out whether you will require 200 Amp Service or not? You can use Demand Calculation to do so. You can also take the help of our expert to figure it out.

Upgrade To 200 Amp Service in toronto

If you wish to upgrade to 200 amp service, you might need to change the electric panel, upgrade the socket, and even work with wirings. These are the things demanding an expert’s assistance. Alkon Electric has 15+ years of experience in the panel upgrading subject. This experience helps us to figure out the upgradation prerequisites with ease.

We are just a phone call away if you wish to use our services. Do connect with us at 416-882-0852 and ensure the smooth upgradation process of your system.

Why Should I Upgrade my panel?

As a customer, having this question in your mind is not an uncommon thing at all. And, we answer this question below. Have a read:

  1. Enhanced Safety: When you upgrade your electric panel, you ensure enhanced electrical safety for your home. Upgrading your system improves the power distribution which gives your panel more efficiency. This subsides the chances of any unfortunate occurrences of overload & trip in the future.
  2. Strong Base: Upgradation of the panel simply means boosting the efficiency of your electric panel. This by default increases the power handling capacity of the panel. More power handling capacity means the operation of heavy devices with high efficiency and without any uncertainties.
  3. Allow Heavy electrical devices: With a electric panel upgrade to 200 amp service, it becomes possible to use a device with higher electrician need without breaker trips.
  4. Fixing Flickering or Dimming Lights: Your Flickering or Dimming Lights clearly indicate that your panel is overloaded. In other words, your panel is demanding upgrade as it is not able to carry the load. We understand that those dimming lights might be frustrating for you. Contact Alkon upgrade to 200 amp service team now to fix the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your upgrade to 200 amp service?

Usually, the cost of this service starts from $1,200. But, the final cost depends on your requirements. Call us at 416-882-0852 to invite our experts. They will visit you and study your existing system to give you an exact cost. 

How do I know if my panel needs upgradation?

Usually, upgradation is recommended every 25-40 years. Conditions like extreme humidity could reduce your panel life significantly. Also, we advise upgradation if you are thinking of installing heavy devices like Air Conditioner. You can invite our team to check out if upgradation of your system is necessary.

Do you provide commercial electrical panel upgrades?

Yes. We provide commercial electrical panel upgrades.

If you are looking for a dependable electrical panel upgrade service in Toronto, reach out to our Electrical Experts in Toronto at 416-882-0852.

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