Top 10 tips to reduce electric bills during heatwave

The heatwave is battering us every day. Though the summers are about to end, spending days without getting frustrated and with a fatigue feeling is difficult. Air Conditioners are our best friends here. But what about electric bills? You might have noticed a rise in electric bills due to more energy consumption in this heatwave? So, is there any way to reduce the same? Our Electrician Toronto team lists certain ways to reduce electric bills during heatwave.

Electrician Toronto team

We understand that heatwave have come with a considerable increase in your electric bills which might be adding more frustration to your already tough summer days.

Let’s talk about some relief now. You might be delighted to know that there are ways to reduce your electric bills. To know them, read this entire article.

Ways to reduce electric bills during a heatwave

We list some of the most useful ways to lower down your electric bills during a heatwave below. Check them out.

1) Try Using Fans Rather than AC: Agreed, air conditioners provide you immense relief from heatwave but also consume most of your energy. While if the studies are to be believed, fans consume 1/60th portion of the energy that AC consumes. Naturally, it will save your energy to a considerable extent.

In terms of comfort, fans pull the heat from your skin and thus ensuring that heat doesn’t trouble you at all. Thus, just the working principle is different, but the results are almost the same. Agreed, at times, you can’t go on without AC.  But, when you can, always prefer fan over AC.

2) Try Spending Some Time Outdoors: But, how do I get out of my house in this scorching heat? This might be your question when you read the point’s title. But don’t you think that you can go out with your friends and do the activities that you can’t do in winter?

Things like backyard camping, a picnic, fun water sports, etc. can be organized in summers. It will also give you a sense of freshness and at the same time reduce the energy consumption at your home.

3) Play with Thermostat: Another reliable way to reduce your energy consumption and thus lower your energy bills. We recommend using a programmable thermostat and setting it at 25 degrees Celsius when you are at your home and 28 degrees Celsius when you aren’t at your home.

Adjusting your thermostat reading is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that the system consumes less energy and eventually your energy bills get lowered.

4) Keep Windows Open at Night: How about ending your day by standing at your window for a few minutes and enjoying beautiful nature? Sounds good, right? Actually, it will also help you to reduce your energy bills.

And even if you are busy and don’t have a moment to stand on the window, just keep it open. Let natural air come into your house. As you are keeping your windows open, obviously you won’t keep your Air Conditioner on, and you might not require a fan too.

To summarize, keeping your windows open at night won’t only give you access to the natural air, but also reduce your energy bills to a considerable extent.

5) Close Curtains or Blinds in Day Time: Curtains are meant to prevent sunlight from entering your home. Make a habit of closing your curtains or blinds during the daytime.

As no direct sunlight will enter your house, your AC will have to work a bit less to make your room cooler. Direct sunlight increases the load on your AC and thus increasing your energy bills. Thus, closing curtains or blinds during the daytime will reduce your energy bills to a great extent.

6) Use Plants to Get Shade: Plants can be your best friends in the hottest part of the day. They can effectively provide you some shade and give a massive relief from the heatwave.

Plant shrubs and trees in the outdoor unit of your house and see the magic. Planting trees will benefit you on the personal level by helping you to get rid of this scorching heat, and also you will be giving an important contribution to nature conservation.

7) Try to Avoid Using a Dryer: You can dry your clothes by hanging them outside rather than using clothes dryers in summer.

Hanging your clothes outside will reduce the electric consumption at your house and will reduce the electric bills.

8) Unplugging the Appliances: Whenever you go out of the house, make unplugging the appliances a habit. Unplugging the appliances helps to reduce the energy costs by eliminating the standby electricity.

Keeping them plugged in always uses some electricity, even when you aren’t using them. Thus, unplugging appliances is a great habit, and you should acquire it.

9) Ensure Regular Maintenance of Air Conditioner: Air Conditioner is likely to consume more power and generate more electric bills if it is not maintained at regular intervals.

Our Licensed Electrician Toronto professionals highly recommends getting your AC serviced before summer and follow the basic maintenance steps without fail. Not maintaining it overloads it and thus it consumes more energy.

10) Avoid Using Electricity During Peak Hours: You might be not knowing that electric companies charge more during peak hours. Obviously, certain work can be done only during peak hours. But try doing the things like dishwashing, cooking dinner, etc. after peak hours.

These tips will surely help you out to reduce energy consumption at your home during a heatwave. We understand heatwave in a combination with increased bills will be frustrating you a lot. These tips are meant to subside your frustration.

To get more guidance, or get any sort of electrical service, do connect with our best electrician team in Downtown Toronto by calling us at 416 882 0852. Our team will be quick to visit your premises and ensure that you get prompt & quick services.

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