5 Efficient electrical upgrades to increase your home’s value

Electrical upgrades can increase your home value. They ensure that your home is confined to the electrical standards, along with increasing the convenience and giving your home looks and hence make the potential buyers pay as much as you want. However, you must know the correct electrical upgrades to uplift…


5 electrical myths debunked

Electricity is a basic necessity of our lives. However, there are several misconceptions that are required to be cleared in terms of electricity. These misconceptions and myths that most people believe often lead them to electric trouble. This is the reason that our certified electrician team debunks these myths in…


5 tips to save your energy bills in winters

As much as winters in Canada are harsh to our bodies, they are major troublers for our pockets too. The efforts and the utilities we invest in to keep ourselves warm increase our energy bills considerably. Our electricians in Toronto understand the issue well and resolve the same with this…


Electrician Toronto – Licensed Electrical contractors Scarborough & East York

In today’s time, electricity is one of the most basic necessities of our lives. Any electrical fault is hard to diagnose and requires a certified electrician. Finding a good electrician among numerous options available in Toronto is often difficult & confusing. But, Alkon Electric’s certified & licensed electrician Toronto team…

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