How to save energy in commercial buildings?

Fortunately, people now understand the importance of energy-saving. Be it residents or businesses, people are now eager to find out ways to save energy. Our licensed electrician Oshawa experts admire people who are contributing immensely to save energy and maintain the overall health of our mother earth.
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Our team presents certain tips to save energy in commercial buildings, as this is the field where people find it a bit difficult to save energy. After all, how can a business succeed without or with less energy? Of course, energy is necessary to make your business thrive, but this blog will give you clarity that your business and energy-saving efforts can go hand-in-hand.

Saving energy in the commercial buildings

We list some of the most reliable ways to save energy in commercial buildings below. Check them out.

1) Improved & enhanced insulations: Adding layers of insulation is one of the most reliable ways to save energy in commercial buildings. Adding insulation layers around HVAC will reduce the energy consumption and your electric bills.

Insulation improves the thermal performance of the building by reducing heat gain in summers, preserving heat in winters which ultimately smoothens the work of HVAC at your commercial premises.

So, if you are looking to conserve energy, just look around, reach out to our electricians in Oshawa, and get insulation layers added.

2) Turn appliances on sleep mode when not required: Appliances like a printer, desktop, air conditioner, etc. are basic necessities of any office. But consider turning them off or turning them to sleep mode when they aren’t required.

If the latest study reports are to be believed, turning appliances off or in the sleep mode when they aren’t required saves energy by 40%. Yes, the numbers are fascinating.

Turning appliances off when not required not only helps to save energy and save the bills, but it also increases the lifespan of your appliances. Thus, it’s always a win-win situation.

3) Ensure the regular maintenance of appliances: A regular maintenance of the appliances is a must to let the appliances operate smoothly without taking much toll.

Things like regular cleaning of the ducts, coils and vents, getting the filter changed so that there is no clogging, etc. are a must for maintaining the HVAC unit efficiently.

Regular maintenance will imply the smooth operation of the appliances, and the smooth operation will ensure a reduction in energy consumption.

4) Adjust thermostat settings: The thermostat settings are a thing or say a factor that can’t make everyone happy. Some people complain about the heat, some about cold.

But, for commercial buildings, to save energy, installing an energy-efficient programmable thermostat is essential.

Also, ensure that you don’t heat or cool the rooms that you don’t require for the time being. Thermostats are one of the most important parts of your HVAC unit, and it’s important that you play smart with them.

5) Try to cut down costs with lighting: Lighting in the commercial building is a major source that invites high energy consumption.

You can use things like occupancy sensors to ensure that lighting only works when the room is occupied.

There are numerous options available when it comes to lighting options. You can analyze each option and see which one will save energy for you.

The steps we take today to save energy will be playing a decisive role in preserving the health of our mother nature for a long-time. And we are sure that the above steps will do the job just right for you.

If you are a business owner and seeking any sort of commercial electrical services, do reach out to licensed Electricians in Oshawa. Our team will be quick to visit your office and understand your requirements subtly. Also, we are eager to guide you on how to conserve energy and how to keep your appliances in the best form for a long-time. To connect with our team, do call us at 416 882 0852.

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