5 tips to save your energy bills in winters

As much as winters in Canada are harsh to our bodies, they are major troublers for our pockets too. The efforts and the utilities we invest in to keep ourselves warm increase our energy bills considerably. Our electricians in Toronto understand the issue well and resolve the same with this blog.

Thus, if high energy bills bring sweat for you even in winters, do read this blog, as you are about to find out some of the most reliable tips to lower them down.

How do you save your energy bills in winters?

Best Electrician Toronto1) Unplug the heavy appliances: Agreed, microwaves, toasters, laptops, and many other heavy devices are our buddies to get our work done but keeping them plugged in all the time is increasing your bill.

Make unplugging them a habit when you aren’t using them. You might be tempted to keep these devices in standby mode as it saves energy. Yes, it saves energy, but still, it consumes some energy. Why let them consume energy when you aren’t using them at all?

Unplugging these appliances won’t consume any energy at all and thus will save your energy bills.

2) Play right with lighting: It gets dark early in the winter so it’s natural that lights would be used more in this season. This increased use of lighting increases your bills too.

It’s wise to use LEDs or fluorescent lighting as it uses less energy as compared to traditional lights. Also, keep the lights off whenever they are necessary, of course, an age-old saying that’s absolutely wise.

3) Use a programmable thermostat: It is one of the most reliable ways to lower your energy bills in winters. If the study reports are to be believed, lowering down your thermostat by 1 degree reduces your energy bills by 3%.

Yes, you don’t want to reduce thermostat temperature in chilly winters when you are at home, but at least, you can lower it down when you aren’t present at your home. Even when you are at home, you can use sweaters and warm slippers to get natural relief from cold, and then reduce the thermostat temperature.

Using a programmable thermostat and lowering down its temperature is highly recommended by our licensed electrician team in Toronto as it firm stands as the most reliable and proven way of lowering down the energy bills in winters.

4) Take care of your furnace: It’s a no-brainer that your furnace consumes a lot of your energy in winters. Using a furnace is a concrete way of getting relief from the harsh winters other than a furnace.

As much as necessary and comforting furnace is, it’s also crucial that you take care of your winter buddy and use it efficiently. Keep the furnace filter clean, get it serviced before the winter arrives, and allow it to rest when you aren’t at your home.

With a furnace, the equation is simple. The more you take care of your furnace, the more it will throw heat and that too by consuming less energy.

5) Set water heating systems right: Winters demand hot water. In most homes, the temperature of the water heating systems is set at much more temperature than required. It consumes more energy and naturally increases your energy bills.

Thus, ensure that the temperature of your water heating system is right. Of course, consider turning it off entirely when you don’t need hot water.

These are some top tips to lower down your energy bills in winter. Winters usually troubles your pockets a lot but nailing the execution of the above tips will help you considerably.

Rest, if something is troubling your electrical system, or if you are looking for electrical maintenance, trust our best electrician Toronto team to do the job perfectly.

Call us at 416 882 0852, explain to us your requirement, and our team will be quick to visit you and provide top-notch services.

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