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Alkon comes with a licensed Electrician Toronto team which is efficient enough to provide you with a wide range of electric services. With 15+ years of experience, Alkon’s electrical pros have earned a deep familiarity with every class of the electrical service.

Electrician Toronto

What are the services our Licensed Electrician Toronto team provides? We provide Commerical & Residential electrical services in Toronto/GTA. Our emergency services are available 24/7. Thus, in any case of emergency electrical service, you need not look further than Alkon.

We follow a very cautious approach while providing you with the electrical services. We are mindful of the norms and every safety measure we need to keep in mind while providing you with electrical services. Our cautious approach ensures a safe electrical install and repair for both, us and you.

Alkon’s Electrician Toronto team expertise

As mentioned, we expertise in providing every sort of electrical service. But below we list a class of services for which you can trust our Electrician Toronto pros on.

  1. Electrical Installation Services:For any electrical device installation, be it, a ceiling fan, a pot light, dimmer switches, a motion sensor, smoke alarms, or even a power backup installation, you can count on our Electrician Toronto team to the core.
    Whether you are shifting your residence or undergoing the renovation of your house, you will require electrical installation services and you can trust us with them.
  2. Electrical Repairing Services: Our 15+ years of experience have given us a strong grip in terms of figuring out the issue in an electrical system and rectifying the same. We ensure a smooth troubleshooting process of your electrical system.

Whether it’s about any electrical device, or about the fuse, Alkon’s Electrician Toronto team is efficient enough to troubleshoot them with ease.

Whether it’s about the entire panel, or about those complex set of wires, we can sort it out for you.

  1. Panel Upgrade: If you are facing the issues of flickering & dim lights, chances are high that your electrical panel requires an upgrade. In today’s era, 100 amp service is not enough to carry the devices with high load. Upgrading it to a 200 amp service is your only option if you wish to run the heavy devices without any fear of undesired events.Alkon’s Electrician Toronto team provides the most reliable upgrade to 200 amp service. Upgrading your electrical panel enhances the safety of your electrical system, makes sure that the heavy devices are not prone to short-circuit anymore, and above all, ensures your own safety. If you still have 100 amp service installed at your residence, we highly advise you to upgrade it now. Reach out to us now and ensure your panel can carry a load of heavy electrical devices with ease.
  2. Structure Planning: Whenever you renovate your house or move out, you might require an expert’s advice on the structure the electric panel of your house must have. Figuring out the structure depends on several important factors.

Allow us to visit your premises, study your requirements, and various other vital aspects and help us to plan an electrical panel structure for your residence or office. You can rely on us regarding the fact that you won’t go through an unfortunate electrical hazard due to poor structural planning of the panel.

A down electric system or a defect in any electrical device can often be a cause of frustration for you. And trying to figure out the exact issue and solving it between those complex electrical circuits and with zero electrical knowledge is both, dangerous and naive.

We highly advise you to know your DIY troubleshooting limits whenever you face electrical issues. Crossing these limits and trying the things which you are not supposed to can be dangerous for you and your family. Always, reach out to the Licensed Electrician in Toronto to solve the issue.

We are eager to provide you with the most affordable and the most effective electrical services in Toronto. To contact our Licensed Electrician Toronto team, reach out to us by using the contact number 416-882-0852.

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