Everything you need to know about knob & tube wiring


Knob & tube wiring is still present in numerous homes. Yes, this wiring type is an outdated one, but unfortunately, it still acquires numerous homes.

Most homeowners aren’t still aware of several aspects or say the limitations of knob & tube wiring. This is the reason that they don’t get it replaced and become victims of unfortunate accidents. Our electrician Toronto team provides every insight about knob & tube wiring in this blog.

What is knob & tube wiring?

Knob & tube wiring is an electrical wire that consists of copper wire and runs through porcelain knobs and tubes. The entire wire is covered in insulation.

A knob is used to hold the wire in place, while a tube is used to protect the wire. It would ensure that anything like electrical fire stays away in case of overheating.

Why is knob & tube wiring outdated?

So, why is knob & tube wiring outdated? Why does your wiring demand immediate replacement if your home incorporates knob & tube wiring? Checkout the answers below.

1) No ground wire: This is one of the biggest limitations of the knob & tube wire. The absence of a grounding wire always brings a lot of risk for you.

Ground wires keep the electrical fire away by ensuring that excessive electricity is passed to the ground. While the absence of grounding wire won’t be passing this electricity to the ground at all. Hence, the first and the major drawback of knob & tube wiring is the absence of ground wire, which severely compromises your safety.

2) Insulation issues: With knob & tube wiring, in most cases, the wiring is poorly insulated. This poor insulation would invite overheating of knob & tube wiring and hence inviting electrical disasters.

Not only insulation but everything that is stuck around the wiring can give birth to overheating issues.

3) The limitation with amperage handling ability: Most knob & tube wiring can handle at the most 60 amps. Most appliances today demand 150 amps, which increases the load on this wiring and hence, invites electrical disasters.

Hence, you cannot expect knob & tube wiring to withstand the load of the appliances like television, air conditioner, computers, etc.

4) Wear & tear: The natural rubber used in the knob & tube wiring causes natural wear and tear in a very short time span, which implies that the chances of electrical hazards are more.

Wear & tear in a very short time span was one of the primary reasons for this wiring type getting outdated in no time.

Are you required to replace the knob & tube wiring?

So, are you required to replace the knob & tube wiring at your home? In one word, yes. As mentioned, knob & tube wiring is outdated and is not recommended at all.

The knob & tube wiring severely compromise your safety. Yes, it is cost-effective, but your safety matters much more when compared to some amount. It was the ‘50s that saw the downfall of knob & tube wiring, and with the drawbacks that come alongside it, it’s completely understandable.

Hence, to ensure that your safety is never compromised due to the wiring, our emergency electrician Toronto team highly recommends that if your home still incorporates the knob & tube wiring, you get it replaced on an immediate basis.

We hope that you are now clear with the fact why the knob & tube wire at your home requires immediate replacement.

If you are looking to replace knob & tube wiring at your home, or if you require any sort of electrical assistance, you can count on the electrician Downtown Toronto experts of Alkon Electric. Our experts ensure that you get the most effective electrical services in a very cost-effective and time-effective way. To connect with our high-rated electricians, reach out to us at 416-882-0852.

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