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Knob & Tube Replacement – Efficient Wiring Replacement Services in Toronto

The world has evolved a lot in the last 50 years. The electrical devices considered a luxury 50 years back are now a necessity. Be it air conditioners, electrical furnaces, geysers, or any electrical device, it’s tough to imagine life without them. But, is the wiring system of your home capable of holding the electrical load that these appliances come with? If your house was built in the 1950 or earlier, most probably, it is not. It is because your home consists of knob & tube wiring which is outdated now. So, what is your solution to make your home wiring capable of holding the load? It is Replacing Knob and Tube Wiring. And, you need not worry even a bit as Alkon Knob and Tube replacement Toronto team is here to make the wiring replacement process smooth and clean.

Why Replacing Knob and Tube Wiring is necessary?

Have a look at the reasons suggesting the existing wiring of your resident below: 

  1. The prime difference between modern wiring and Knob and Tube Wiring is the grounding. There is no grounding present in Knob and Tube Wiring which doesn’t allow the panel to hold any electrical device having three plugs. Also, the absence of grounding enhances the fear of short circuits.
  2. The breaking down of an insulation wire may come with the risk of fire hazards.
  3. Most Knob and Tube Wiring comes with a capacity of handling the load up to 15 amp. You can’t even think of operating heavy devices like air conditioners, or furnaces with this capacity.
  4. Knob and Tube wiring breaks the legal electric code. In case of any issue due to this wiring, insurance companies might refuse to help you out.

But, if you are thinking about replacing Knob and Tube wiring, you need not look any further as Alkon Knob and Tube Replacement experts come with 15+ years of experience and are efficient enough to replace the wiring of your residence with ease.

Alkon Knob and Tube Replacement Toronto Team

Replacing Knob And Tube Wiring toronto

As stated above, replacing your Knob and Tube wiring will give you much more freedom in terms of using electrical equipment, subside the risk of short circuits, and bring you in the legal electric code zone.

Finding a trusted wiring replacement Toronto expert is another daunting task as not many electrical service providers provide this service. This is mostly due to the risks associated with wiring replacement. But, Alkon Knob and Tube Replacement Experts can be your answer in terms of providing these services in a secure way.

Our team visits your residence, takes time to study your wiring system, and functions accordingly. The time we take in studying your Knob and Tube Replacement requirements become our source to deliver the best result for you.

What Workflow Our Knob and Tube Replacement Team goes with?

It is important for you to get an idea of our team’s workflow to get peace of mind specially with some risks associated with the process.

  1. Our Knob and Tube Replacement team will upgrade your system to 100 or 200 amp which will make the panel capable of holding most electrical devices.
  2. Also, our team installs grounding wires. It makes your panel capable of holding three wired electrical devices.
  3. Then, we proceed to check the switching system and replace it if necessary. This is because the high probability of your switching system being obsolete too.
  4. At last, our team goes with replacing Knob and Tube Wiring with modern wiring system and thus making your electrical panel comply with the modern electric codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my wiring belongs to Knob & Tube class?

It is easy to identify the Knob & Tube wiring. Just check your attic or basement and if you find wires snaking through knobs and ceramic tubes protecting them, the wiring is Knob & Tube class.

Is replacing Knob and Tube wiring process safe?

There are risks associated with replacing this wiring class. But to keep using this outdated wiring is riskier for you. Alkon Knob and Tube replacement team make the replacement process safe for both, us, and you.

Are your emergency services available 24/7?

Yes. You can use Alkon’s emergency services 24/7.

Have more questions? Get them answered by connecting with Alkon Knob and Tube replacement team.

Also, don’t miss out on reading out our Google Reviews to ensure the services we provide are secure and of high quality. For more questions, or to book your appointment, contact Alkon Electrician Toronto experts now at 416-882-0852.

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