Top electrical safety tips you must know

Electricity is a basic necessity of today’s living. Electricity is the thing that spreads brightness in our home, makes chilling winters easy to deal with, and helps us to avoid frustration during scorching summers. As much as wonderful electricity is, we also need to stay a bit careful as any carelessness with electricity might bring disaster alongside it. Alkon’s Electrician Toronto experts highly recommend knowing certain safety tips which are important and avoids every sort of electrical disaster.

There are certain electrical safety tips that you need to know, and we list them here. This blog gives you clarity on the most important aspect in terms of electricity. Thus, don’t miss out on even a word of this blog.

Important Electrical Safety Tips

We list all the important electrical safety tips below. Check them out.

1) Never Neglect Flickering Lights: Flickering lights are a strong indication of loose circuitry or inconsistent flow of electricity. If your bulb is giving this signal, try to tighten them. If still, the things don’t work, don’t waste a minute before reaching out to a licensed electrician in Toronto. Thus, the first rule of maintaining electrical safety at your home, never to neglect flickering lights.

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2) Make Unplugging Appliances a Habit: This is one of the most basic and important electrical safety tips. When an appliance is not in use, just unplug it. Unplugging your appliances saves a considerable amount of power, and also ensures that they don’t get overheated. Unplugging unused appliances is one of the most important tips to ensure electrical safety, but sadly most people forget to do so.

3) Water Hurts Electricity: Water is a basic necessity of our lives. But, the electricity of your home doesn’t require it at all. Thus, ensure that your electrical outlets never come in contact with water. The contact of electrical outlet with water might lead the system to short-circuit or explosion and thus risking your & family members lives. As we mentioned, water hurts electricity, and then electricity might hurt you.

4) Handle Electrical Fire with Fire Extinguisher: Agreed, water helps you to get rid of the fire. But, when there is an electrical fire, water needs to be avoided. As mentioned, the electrical outlet’s contact with water will lead to the explosion. Thus, if any case of electrical fire comes into the picture, always handle it with the fire extinguisher.

5) Say No to Overload: Every outlet in your home is designed to carry the load of only a certain number of plugins. If you plug more appliances than specified, it might overload the outlet which might eventually lead to short circuit or fire. If you have a large number of plugins, you can use power strips or multiple outlets, but making your outlet carry the burden of every plugin is not recommended at all. Read our blog to know if your electrical panel is overloaded.

6) Extension Cords are Meant to be Avoided: You might get tempted to use the extension cords with the belief of operating multiple devices from a single source. But extension cords can elevates the chances of a short circuit due to overload. While, you can always use extension cords in unavoidable situations, avoid overloading or connecting too many high power gadgets to it. If you have any questions, connect with our best electrician expert team in Toronto.

7) Maintain Air-Circulation: If you aren’t ensuring air circulation, it will cause your electrical appliances to overheat. Overheating increases the chances of explosion and fire to a great extent. The importance of air circulation can’t be stressed enough. You have to be extra cautious with the appliances like electrical dryers and hot water tanks. Thus, the next rule to maintain electrical safety at your residence, always maintain air circulation.

8) Keep Exhaust Fans Clean: If the exhaust fans of appliances are clogged with dust particles, appliances will find it difficult to operate. It will increase the burden on them which will eventually result in overheating and thus disaster. Thus, keep cleaning the exhaust fans at regular intervals to ensure that your device is always in the best working condition.

9) Never Ignore User Manuals: Ignoring the user manuals accompanying the electrical appliance is one of the most common mistakes almost every home-owners do. These user manuals incorporate specific instructions, a usage guide, and some important dos and don’ts. Ignoring these things might be a mistake and can prove to be costly. Also, we recommend that you keep the user manual handy as you might need it anytime.

10) Don’t Delay Electrical Repairs: Last but not the least, never delay any electrical repair. The electrical fault though minor has the ability to create havoc. The more you delay the electrical repair, the faster the hazard approaches you. Thus, if you notice any electrical fault in your system, connect with our electrician team in Downton Toronto immediately.

Keeping these tips in your mind will amplify the electrical safety at your residence to a great extent. As we mentioned, electrical faults though minor can create havoc at your home. If you notice any, do connect with our electrician experts in Toronto by calling us at 416 882 0852. Our team will be quick to visit you, analyze the fault, and fix it efficiently.

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