How do you plan electrical outlets in your new home?

electrical outletsPlanning an electrical outlet is one thing that is often overlooked when it comes to building a home. However, that’s one of the most crucial things to ensure that they work well with your home structure.

Also, certain homeowners get confused about planning the electrical outlets, which is completely understandable. Our licensed electrician Pickering team has tried to give clarity on this factor in this blog.

If you are building your home and looking to plan your electrical outlets, reading this blog by our electrician Pickering Ontario team becomes crucial for you.

How do you efficiently plan electrical outlets in your home?

1) Kitchen: The kitchen requires the highest electrical power. It incorporates some of the very heavy appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, and much more.

Thus, it’s crucial that you start planning your electrical outlet with your kitchen. Also, figure out the appliances that you need to run simultaneously.

Take a deep look in your kitchen, and decide in advance the place where you desire to place the appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, etc.

2) Bedrooms: Firstly, figure out the position of your bed, dressing table, and other furniture in your bedroom. Then, decide the position of lamps, switchboards, and every outlet.

Take into consideration your comfort and your requirements, and decide the position of every electrical outlet accordingly.

A bedroom is a crucial part of your home as you will be spending a considerable time over there. Thus, don’t hesitate to invest some time in terms of deciding the electrical structure in your bedroom.

3) Living rooms: Charging ports are crucial today. Ensure that every corner of your living room has a charging port. Also, decide the position of television.

Also, consider deciding the position of every decor item that you are planning to install in the living room, and that requires an electrical plug.

Being concrete and advanced with the planning would reduce the hassle when you actually get the electrical outlets installed in your living room.

4) Game room/bar/gym: The game room & bar is definitely a crucial part of your home. This is the place where you get a sense of refreshment.

It’s important that you decide on the electrical outlets at the initial level itself. Decide the position of gaming devices you desire to install.

If you are planning to design a bar, figure out the position of the refrigerator and ice-maker.

If you are looking to design a gym, decide the position of every piece of electrical workout equipment.

5) Bathroom: For bathroom, you need to be extra careful. Yes, you will require a GFI-rated plug, but you will be required to decide the location of every outlet.

Remember to keep the position of every electrical outlet such that none of them doesn’t come into contact with water. Our high-rated electrician Pickering team highly recommends you consult experts when you plan the electrical outlet for your bathroom.

6) In-house office: Work from home is a serious possibility after the pandemic. Ensure that you are prepared for it. Plan a special space for your in-house office and plan electrical outlets for the same.

Not taking office into consideration will just make it difficult and inconvenient for you to work.

7) Garage: The garage is sadly the most underrated part of the car. Plan the outlet for the garage door opener. Also, if you are planning to install things like a compressor in your garage, plan the outlets for them too.

As mentioned, planning an electric outlet in your home is important, yet an underrated thing. Most people avoid planning electrical outlets, which later invites a lot of inconvenience for them. Some people stay baffled about it, and that’s completely understandable.

However, the above explanation must clear a lot of things for you in terms of planning the electrical outlets.

If you are planning your electrical outlets, and require guidance for the same, or if you desire to get your outlets fixed, you can count on the experienced electrician Pickering experts. Our team won’t only provide you with reliable guidance but also ensure that you get high-quality services in terms of outlet installation. To connect with our team, contact us at 416-882-0852.


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