5 electrical myths debunked

Electricity is a basic necessity of our lives. However, there are several misconceptions that are required to be cleared in terms of electricity. These misconceptions and myths that most people believe often lead them to electric trouble. This is the reason that our certified electrician team debunks these myths in this blog.

What are the most common electrical myths?

Checkout some of the most common electrical myths below.
electrical myths
1) Every old home requires rewiring: One of the biggest myths related to electricity! Remember, electrical wirings do expire, but not at the speed of light. Yes, things like incorporating the heavy appliances, upgrading the electrical panel, and much more might demand rewiring, but just because it is an old home, you need not go for rewiring.

Instead of wasting your hard-earned bucks in rewiring even when it is not required, consult experts first and see if your home actually requires rewiring. It won’t only give you an honest answer, but also prevent you from unnecessary expenses.

2) Low voltage doesn’t mean any harm: Yes, the current is the primary factor that defines the damage level, but voltage comes with certain importance too.

Remember, if the current is high, low voltage can bring an electrical disaster too. Hence, if you are assured with the fact that the device draws a low voltage, stay attentive to current too.

3) Just turning off the appliances would save energy: Turning off the appliances do consume less energy, but still, by no means do they consume zero energy.

The appliances when switched off but plugged in do consume some energy and raise your electrical bills to some cents. To make them consume absolutely no energy and to avoid any sort of rising in electrical bills due to them, ensure that you plug them off completely.

Hence, next time when you don’t require appliances, instead of only turning them off, plug them off completely. It would ensure that no energy is consumed unnecessarily, and your electrical bills are actually saved.

4) Every power line is insulated: Whereas most of them aren’t. Most power lines aren’t insulated. Hence, avoid touching them at all.

You might feel that power lines might not do any damage as birds sit comfortably over there. This is because birds aren’t grounded.

Hence, if you think that the power line is insulated and it is completely safe to touch it, it’s time to burn this myth right now.

5) Rubber gloves are always safe to wear & access electrical system: Agreed, our school lessons taught us to wear rubber gloves when the need of accessing those complex electrical wiring arises.

However, in today’s era, most rubber gloves comprise cheap and unsafe materials in their formation, which makes them entirely unsafe for us to access electrical circuits.

Hence, don’t trust your rubber gloves blindly. Verify the formulation quality of these gloves once and ensure that they are actually safe for you to access the electrical system.

With electricity, things are always complex. Any sort of inadequate knowledge, and you might be staring a disaster.

These are some of the top electrical myths that most people believe. These myths have made numerous people a victim of electrical disasters, which warrants these myths to be debunked.

Hence, if you believe in any of the above myths, it’s time to burn them and start believing the facts.

Rest, if you still have any doubts in your mind, or if your electrical system requires any sort of professional attention, you can count on Alkon’s best electrician Toronto team. Reach out to our team, explain to us the issue, and allow our team to provide you with prompt and quick services. To connect with our team, call us at 416-882-0852.

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