Everything you need to know about aluminum wiring

The use of aluminum wiring hasn’t completely stopped. Yes, the use of this wiring type has reduced considerably as compared to that of the ‘60s, but they are still in the action at some places. If you are still using aluminum wiring, there are certain things you must know about it. Our certified electrician Toronto team lists them in this blog.

What are the problems with aluminum wiring?

Aluminium Wiring

The aluminum wiring has always been a cause of concern which has made people stop using it. Overheating of the wiring and terminations have been a major cause of concern with these wiring forms.

Aluminum wiring isn’t compatible with a large number of devices, specifically with those incorporating the copper wiring.

The probability of loose connections, melting wires, and much more is quite high with aluminum wiring. As the chances of loose connections are more, the chances of the things like the short circuits are also high.

Moreover, poor installation of the aluminum wiring magnifies the issues of loose connections and melting wires considerably.

Thus, it’s natural that with these numbers of risks, the use of aluminum wiring is bound to reduce.

Does your aluminum wiring require repair?

If your home incorporates aluminum wiring, one thing is certain that it will demand a bit more attention as compared to other forms of wiring.

Most insurance companies don’t provide coverage for aluminum wiring. Thus, our best electrician Toronto team advises you to confirm the same from the insurance company you go with.

Next, how do you figure out if your aluminum wiring requires repair? Check out the answers below.

1) If the lights at your house are flickering every now and then

2) If you are noticing burning odour from your wires or panels

3) Overheating of the wiring system is a serious indication of the fact that your aluminum wiring requires repair

4) If the fuses blow out at your house on a frequent basis

5) When sparks are not an uncommon thing in your wiring system anymore

Are there any benefits of aluminum wiring?

Okay, enough of pinpointing drawbacks. Are there any benefits of aluminum wiring at all? Yes, there are. Check them out below.

1) Aluminum wiring is the most economical and cost-effective option available.

2) Aluminum is extremely light-weighted. Thus, it can be easily used for industrial applications.

3) This form of wiring is easy to be installed as compared to copper wiring. Aluminum wiring can be easily installed in difficult locations too.

Things you must consider while installing aluminum wiring

Firstly, you must get your aluminum wiring inspected at regular intervals. As mentioned, aluminum wiring demands more repair as compared to copper wiring. Thus, a regular wiring inspection is a must.

Next, you must not deal with the aluminum wiring by yourself by any means. You must always reach out to the professionals to get any sort of work done on the wiring.

Also, if you ever feel that something is wrong with your wiring system, you must get it repaired without wasting any time.

We hope that you are now clear with the aluminum wiring. As mentioned, aluminum wiring is used a bit less now, but it’s possible to get your electrical system to work well with it if your home incorporates this form of wiring.

However, regular maintenance and inspection are always a must if your house incorporates aluminum wiring.

If your house incorporates aluminum wiring, or if you are noticing anything that might bring an electrical disaster, do reach to Alkon Electric, one of the best electrical companies in Toronto. Our team will be quick to visit your premises and get the work done within no time and in an efficient manner. To get your electrical issues resolved by our team, call us at 416 882 0852.

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