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Best & Licensed Electrician Toronto, Scarborough & East York – Alkon Electric, Inc.

Having 15+ years of experience, Alkon Electric is one of the leading electrical companies in Toronto serving Scarborough, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Toronto and East York. We offer the best and most comprehensive electrical services in Toronto to residential, commercial and industrial customers. While we are experts in handling residential electrical services for older homes, we also provide electrical upgrades, assistance during renovations, and electrical panel services. For our commercial and industrial customers, we can completely rewire their premises, replace the lighting and perform any other major or minor electrical tasks that they need. We, at Alkon Electric, are proud to be the go-to electrician in Toronto,Scarborough and East York. We take on projects of any size as no project is too small or big. We are proud to inform you that Alkon Electric, Inc. is part of the Authorized Contractor Program (ACP) offered by the Electrical Safety Authority. When you hire Alkon Electric, you will have peace of mind knowing that the best electrician in Toronto will be working on your project.


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Service Excellence

Alkon Electric has a reputation of providing our clients with the best electrical, wiring and installation services. If you are seeking an elite licensed electrician in Toronto – GTA for your residential & commercial electrical needs, then look no further. We will ensure that you receive prompt, professional and personalized electrical solutions.


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Read what people are saying about our services. We love your feedback and our mission is to improve our services based on your opinions. We are proactive in considering your input towards your satisfaction. Alkon Electric prides itself on having a large clientele of satisfied customers. Here you will read the personal testimonials of several of our clients.


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If you are looking for an elite licensed electrician in Toronto – GTA to serve your residential or commercial electrical needs, then give us a Call: 416-882-0852 or Email: info@alkonelectric.com We ensure the quality and safety of your service upgrade and or installation. Emergency Services are available 24/7. GET YOUR ESTIMATE TODAY!




Get Exceptional Commercial and Residential Electrician Toronto, Scarborough and East York

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At Alkon Electric, we believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations. We always put our customers’ needs and safety first. That is why customer satisfaction veers towards customer delight. While you will be able to find a licensed electrician in Toronto, finding one who offers reliable & trustworthy service within your budget will be tough. With Alkon Electric, you have no reason to worry.

We realize that it can be tempting to do any electrical work on your own to bring down the cost of the project. However, it is best to leave these tasks to a qualified and licensed electrician in Toronto who has the knowledge, skills, and the right tools. As a reputed residential electrician in Toronto, we are renowned for our affordable and transparent pricing. So, you never have to worry about hidden costs or being overcharged.

At your commercial or industrial premises, electrical problems can occur due to several reasons, including overload, old wiring, and outdated circuitry. Rather than opting for a quick-fix which can be dangerous, call Alkon Electric. We are a conscientious commercial electrician in Toronto and will ensure our trained and knowledgeable electricians do everything right the first time around and in a safe manner.

Why Choose Alkon Electric in Toronto, Scarborough and East York?

While there are many reasons to choose Alkon Electric, here are a few to compelling ones:

  • We are a licensed, insured and certified electrician in Toronto
  • We have the expertise in handling all types of electrical works and issues.
  • We serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers across Toronto and the neighboring areas
  • We are one of the best electrician in Toronto for regular and emergency electrical works
  • We are a local, family-owned company in Toronto and we strive to meet the expectations of our customers
  • We provide transparent pricing that is affordable and will always be within your budget
  • We guarantee our workmanship and use high-grade components and parts
  • We conduct a thorough analysis before giving you our quote

Contact Alkon Electric today to schedule a visit to your home or work and you will soon realize why we are one of the best electrician in Toronto, Scarborough and East York.

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